Is Beer the Best Boozy Breakfast Beverage?

March 10, 2020

Photo by AP Photo Elise Amendola

When people need a little hair of the dog before noon, they typically turn to Blody Marys, mimosas or Irish coffee. But what about beer? "Downing a single pint of low-ABV beer is a nice, filling way to ease into the morning without overdoing it," writes Eater's Brenna Houck. "Compare that to easy-drinking beverages like bottomless mimosas or super-boozy cocktails, which can make you quite sleepy going into the day." Looking around the world, she adds, "While breakfast beers aren’t commonplace in the U.S., there are plenty of regions where morning brews are standard. In Germany and Austria, there’s a tradition called frühschoppen, which is basically the equivalent of Sunday brunch, but with hefeweizen instead of bellinis."