Netflix Pulls "Chappelle's Show" Because Dave Wanted Them To

November 24, 2020

In case you were thinking about sitting down this Thanksgiving weekend for a "Chappelle's Show" marathon on Netflix, change your plans. In a recently posted stand-up called "Unforgiven," Chappelle told the story of how he called Netflix to express how upset he was they the streamer had all of the "Chappelle's Show" episodes. Chappelle makes no money off the show since it is owned by Comedy Central, which is owned by CBS/Viacom. Since Chappelle and Netflix have been great partners recently, his phone call to the company raised some eyebrows. Not wanting to lose Chappelle as a content creator, Netflix pulled the episodes at his request. HBO Max still has "Chappelle's Show" on its service. Chappelle said he pitched "Chappelle's Show" to HBO before he went to Comedy Central. HBO showed him the door. He finds it ironic that HBO Max now uses the show for content.